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The curriculum of the analytically, and quantitatively focussed undergraduate program in Economics & Finance is designed to provide the students with a broad and deep understanding of forces that influence markets and institutions in general, and financial markets and financial institutions in particular. The curriculum balances rigorous economic and finance theory with an exhaustive quantitative focus that will enable the students to translate theory to practice. The undergraduate program will provide them with the tools that underpin both the theoretical and quantitative aspects of economics and finance. This course will be jointly taught by the faculty from the Department of Economics (School of Humanities & Social Sciences) and Department of Finance, Accounting & Control (School of Management & Entrepreneurship).

At the end of the program, the student will have the analytical ability, technological expertise, and theoretical knowledge as well as the quantitative aptitude and practical knowledge of a trained economist and finance professional. This will provide students with a platform to pursue, according to their own interest, a wide range of career paths including financial services, analytics, banks, consulting, policy institutes, regulatory bodies, think tanks, and higher education, amongst others.