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Frequently Asked Questions

Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply for the BSc (Research) in Economics and Finance. However, students must have taken Mathematics up to Class XII to be eligible for the selection process to this programme. Detailed information about the admission process can be found at the Admissions webpage of the university:


Full-time faculties of Department of Economics (SHSS), Department of Finance, Accounting & Control (SME) and Department of Mathematics (SNS) will be majorly teaching the courses.


To graduate with a Major in Economics and Finance, each student needs to obtain at least 155 credits, of which at least 113 credits must be obtained from the Major courses, and 42 credits must be obtained from the UWE (University-Wide-Elective) and CCC (Common-Course-Curriculum) courses. The 113 credits that must be obtained from the Major courses include compulsory core courses (77 credits), elective courses in Economics and Finance (24 credits) and one semester-long internship (12 credits). Compulsory courses are split between Economics and Finance core courses (54 credits cumulatively), Academic Writing (4 credits, offered by the Department of English), Calculus, Probability, Statistics, and Computer Programming (16 credits cumulatively, offered by the Department of Mathematics), and a Research Seminar (3 credits). Elective courses are split between Economics, and Finance courses (24 credits cumulatively) out of which a student must obtain at least six credits each in elective courses offered by the Department of Economics and the Department of Finance, Accounting and Control.  The program culminates with a semester-long Internship (scheduled in the eighth semester, carrying 12 credits). The student may opt for a research thesis in lieu of the internship, subject to a mutual agreement between the student and a faculty thesis advisor. The student must obtain at least 42 credits from UWE and CCC courses. The students are encouraged to develop technological expertise through departmental and university-wide electives.


The tuition fees for BSc (Research) in Economics & Finance is INR 100,000 per annum, and the total number of seats on offer is 30.


Shiv Nadar University offers a large number of scholarships to students. Detailed information about the scholarships can be found at the Admissions webpage of the university:


At the end of the program, the student will have the analytical ability, technological expertise, and theoretical knowledge as well as the quantitative aptitude and practical knowledge of a trained economist and finance professional. This will provide students with a platform to pursue, according to their own interest, a wide range of career paths including financial services, analytics, banks, consulting, policy institutes, regulatory bodies, think tanks, and higher education, amongst others.