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The Center

The challenges that the society faces are complex and multifaceted. It requires people from different disciplines to come together and create a multidisciplinary approach without compromising the disciplinary rigors. With the advancement of computing, one promising configuration is a mix of economics, mathematics, and data. The Center for Economics, Mathematics and Data Analytics (CEMD) plans to bring together faculty members who are interested in using economic thinking, mathematical methods, use data and computational techniques to solve some of these societal problems.
The Centre for Economics, Mathematics & Data Analytics, in partnership with the Department of Economics (School of Humanities & Social Sciences) and Department of Finance Accounting & Control (School of Management & Entrepreneurship) has taken the lead to jointly offer the first ever inter-disciplinary program involving multiple schools at Shiv Nadar University. CEMD will offer B.Sc. (Research) in Economics and Finance from the academic year 2020-21 and M.Sc. in Economics and Finance from the academic year 2021-22.